Communication & Collaboration Services

IT services and technologies that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs.


A recent upgrade to the UTHSC Alert system allows us to send emergency notification messages to the desktop of computers on the UTHSC network through the Alertus client software. The alert can be eliminated by clicking the “Acknowledge” button on the bottom of the screen. It will also go away automatically after 10 minutes. The… Read More

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Business Productivity Solutions

  BPS Team Mission To support the UTHSC Strategic Plan by providing the university with professional technology development opportunities and support in Lean 6 Sigma and business productivity tools, with the goal of investing in our people and creating a culture of continuous process improvement to strengthen the campus’s organizational effectiveness, adaptability and excellence. Maps… Read More

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Distribution Lists and Listservs

Listservs provides users with an email distribution address that can be archived and searched. Membership and other options can be administrated by the list owner or by contacting the Helpdesk. Some features include the following: Web- based list management available to both subscribers and list owners Searchable archives UT and non-UT list membership Lists are… Read More

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FileMaker Pro

Visit the UTHSC FileMaker Pro webpages for more information and offerings. ITS is now offering FREE FileMaker Pro licenses for UTHSC-owned computers.  Security and Compliance requirements require all FileMaker Pro databases be upgraded to the current version of the software to have access to the latest FMP features while maintaining the highest level of data… Read More

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Mediasite is a presentation tool that allows instructors to make live digital recordings of lectures or presentations. Students can view the presentation over the internet in real-time and/or can access the presentation for viewing at a later date.  Various media inputs, including video, audio and lecture slides, can be incorporated into one file that can… Read More

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OU Campus

OU Campus is the web content management system used at UTHSC. It allows UTHSC content editors to update web pages in a web browser. There is no extra software to install and users can edit anytime and anywhere.

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Microsoft SharePoint in Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of tools that allow for simple sharing and seamless collaboration, including file sharing, intranet website creation, data storage and retrieval, and workflow processes.  SharePoint is part of the UTHSC Microsoft Office 365 Suite of products available to all UTHSC students, faculty and staff.   For more information, visit the… Read More

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Skype for Business

Skype for Business in Microsoft Office 365 is powerful way to instantly communicate with UTHSC colleagues, students and people around the world. With the click of a button you can open a text chat, make a voice or video call, or even start an online meeting. Skype for Business makes online communication more collaborative and engaging.… Read More

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UTHSC Alert is the notification service that university administrators and Campus Police use to communicate by email and text message with UTHSC members and others in the case of an emergency or campus closing due to inclement weather.

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UTHSC is equipped with a number of video conferencing technologies which allow users from different locations to transmit live video, content and audio to each other simultaneously. We  over 50 videoconferencing rooms available.  These rooms encompass small and medium sized venues, but also include our multi-camera classrooms and auditoriums.  With the installed videoconferencing technologies we are… Read More

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Zoom, a cloud-based technology, allows faculty, staff and students to have high-quality interaction in real time from their computers and mobile devices. Zoom’s web-based conferencing uses high-quality video and audio and is accessible on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices. Zoom also includes free telephone bridging, so you can bring in participants via telephone… Read More

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