Application Development

Service Description:

The Application Development team is involved in the planning, development and implementation of custom software applications within the University. By utilizing a diverse set of tools, web-based applications are developed  to support the mission of UTHSC.

Request Service:

A project request must be submitted by the requesting Faculty/Staff member using the Project Request Form.


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Request Support For This Service:

For support with this service, please contact the Help Desk by walking in, calling (901) 448-2222, sending an email to, or submitting a Footprints ticket (

Service Levels:
This service and support are available to UTHSC faculty and staff during normal UTHSC business hours.

Service Requirements:
A Project Request must be completed by the requesting Faculty/Staff member. This request will then by vetted by the ITS Application Development Business Analyst. Options such as opting for a third-party solution, developing the application in-house, etc. will be discussed within ITS Application Development. User input will also be obtained at this stage of the process. An option will then be selected and the User Requirements and Process Analysis will then be performed with the requesting party.

Service Locations:
Service Status/Phase: