Service Description:

AxiUM is the patient record system for patients of the College of Dentistry.  It keeps up with all information, billing and work planned or completed for patients of the College of Dentistry. It is also used for grading students on work done in the clinics.

AxiUM can be accessed from any UTHSC campus network or wireless location and is available from outside the campus when used in conjunction with the UTHSC VPN connection software.

Request Service:

Request for access to the service must be obtained and approved by the College of Dentistry Department of Clinical Affairs.

Request Support For This Service:

For support with this service, please contact the Help Desk by walking in, calling (901) 448-2222, sending an email to, or submitting a Footprints ticket (

Service Levels:
This service is available 24/7 except during planned periods of maintenance and scheduled updates.

Support is available during normal UTHSC business hours.

Service Requirements:
All users of this system must go through HIPPA compliance training and be trained on the system use by the designated training personnel from the College of Dentistry.

Use of this system requires a desktop computer with Windows or Macintosh and the ablity to do Microsoft Remote Desktop Connections.

Service Locations: , ,
Service Status/Phase: