Cisco Network Access Control Software

Service Description:

The Cisco Clean Access Agent is part of the Cisco Network Access Control (or NAC) network security solution that will provide you with a secure and clean network environment by preventing infected and vulnerable machines from joining the University’s network. At the same time, it will provide necessary directions and help pages for machines that do not pass the security requirements.

Request Service:

The NAC can be obtained at


For more information, visit

Request Support For This Service:

For support with this service, please contact the Help Desk by walking in, calling (901) 448-2222, sending an email to, or submitting a Footprints ticket (

Service Levels:
This service is available to UTHSC faculty, staff, and students.

The NAC should be available and online at all hours of the day. If the Cisco NAC is unavailable then all efforts will be made to re-establish connectivity and communicate with the campus.

Service Requirements:
The user's computer should have a current operating system that is either Windows or Macintosh.

Service Charges:
There are no charges for this service.

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Service Status/Phase: