Computer and Printer Hardware Repair

Service Description:

The hardware division repairs computers and printers that are covered with a warranty and those that are not.  Warranty work is done without any charges and out of warranty work is charged for parts only.

Request Service:

Submit a service request by contacting the Helpdesk at 448-2222 or submitting a Helpdesk ticket (

Service Support Feedback: Feedback can be submitted to the Helpdesk at Request Support For This Service:

Service Levels:
This service and support are available to UTHSC faculty, staff, and students during normal UTHSC business hours.

Service Requirements:
The Hardware Division can only work on student and university owned devices. They can make recommendations for personally owned equipment but cannot physically work on them.

Service Charges:
Machines under warranty will be repaired without charge. Any work done on machines out of warranty charge for parts only.

Service Locations:
Service Status/Phase: