Helpdesk: Walk-in and Phone Support

Service Description:

The Helpdesk is a UTHSC support resource for faculty, staff, students and other affiliates of the university.  We investigate and repair technology issues on almost any platform.  Submissions for help can be made via a phone call, email, web form or walk in service.  The Helpdesk is located in room 602 of Lamar Alexander.

Request Service:

Users may request service by walking in, contacting the Helpdesk at 448-2222, or submitting a Helpdesk ticket (


For more information, visit

Service Support Feedback: All issues requiring support are documented via a ticket in the FootPrints system.  This system has a survey feature whereby a customer is asked to fill out a survey online.  These online surveys are regularly examined by management. Request Support For This Service:

For support with this service, please contact the Helpdesk by walking in, calling 901.448.2222, or sending an email to

Service Levels:
This service is available to UTHSC faculty, staff, and students Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:30 AM through 5:30 PM.

Service Requirements:
The Helpdesk can only work on student and university owned devices. They can make recommendations for personally owned equipment but cannot physically work on it.

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Service Status/Phase: