UT Drive/My Drive/Volshare

Service Description:

UT Drive/My Drive/Volshare provides a central location for faculty/staff and departments to store files. This service is provided as Windows File Shares that can be accessed by any standard operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux). The service is directly available while on UTHSC’s wired and wireless networks and remotely available through the VPN.


Request Service:

To request this service, contact the Help Desk at 448-2222 or submit a Footprints ticket (https://footprints.uthsc.edu).

Requests for a departmental share must be initiated by a department head, dean or other person of authority.


For more information, visit http://uthsc.edu/its/systems.php.

Request Support For This Service:

For support with this service, please contact the Help Desk by walking in, calling (901) 448-2222, sending an email to helpdesk@uthsc.edu, or submitting a Footprints ticket (https://footprints.uthsc.edu).

Service Levels:
The service is directly available to faculty and staff while on UTHSC's wired and wireless networks and remotely available through the VPN. All files stored on UT Drive/My Drive/Volshare are replicated and backed up nightly and follow standard backup retention periods, typically 14 days.

Support is available during normal UTHSC business hours.

The current maintenance window is on Wednesday nights from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM CST.

Service Locations:
Service Status/Phase: