Service Description:

Nolij is a document imaging and management solution that provides a paperless management system used to track, store and manage electronic documents. Any type of administrative processes handling documents — such as simple file archiving, multi-leveled approval process and even complicated inter-departmental business processes — can be transformed into a set of web-based Nolij workflows. By integrating your business processes and automating the workflows, Nolij can significantly increase the productivity of your department while protecting sensitive and restricted information. It enables the automation of manual business processes, saving time and improving efficiency with the use of workflow and integration with Oracle databases.  Nolij is also an excellent tool for preserving historical documents and delicate documents, such as student documents.

UTHSC ITS offers a comprehensive set of services for the campus Nolij clients. Typical services include:

  • Departments/users/permissions set up
  • Scan-Store-Retrieve of documents set up
  • Workflow set up
  • Simple/batch query set up
  • Custom query logic and data integration
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Submit a Nolij request to the Nolij Support Team.


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Nolij Services Offered and Getting Started

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Request Support For This Service:

To request services or modification to your current Nolij project, please submit a Nolij Request form.

Service Levels:
This service is available to UTHSC faculty and staff 24/7 except during planned periods of maintenance and scheduled updates.

Support is available during normal UTHSC business hours.

Service Requirements:
Data must be stored locally on the server within ITS. The Nolij Support team provides initial training.

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