Open Access Computer Labs

Service Description:

The Open Access labs are for students to use for printing, general computing, and studying. There are two Open Access labs- GEB B110 and SAC 314. GEB B110 has 9 printers and 50 computers and 2 scanners. SAC has 2 printers and 20 computers. Both rooms have staplers, hole punchers, and paper clips.

Request Service:

Students should automatically have a netID and quota created upon admission. If they are missing a NetID then they should contact the Helpdesk at 448-2222. If they are missing a quota then they should contact the lab manager at


For more information, visit

Service Support Feedback: There is a feedback box attached the lab manager's office door in GEB B110. There is also a meeting held once a semester with SGAEC. Feedback is also welcomed  via phone calls, emails, or in-person with the lab manager. Request Support For This Service:

Service Levels:
GEB B110 is available to UTHSC students 24/7 excluding Winter Break. SAC 314 is available 24/7 excluding holidays.

Service Requirements:
Anyone attempting to use the Open Access labs will need a netID for computer login.

Service Charges:
Each student has a free printing quota of 6000 pages. Students may incur a charge of $0.05 per page if they exhaust their free printing quota.

Service Locations:
Service Status/Phase: