Purchasing Hardware/Software

Service Description:

Call ITS Before You Buy!

Start your technology purchase with a call or visit to ITS! Our team is here to help with the following:

  • Software: Not really sure what you need?  Our business analysts help you describe what you do, the problem or opportunity you want to address, and desired functionality so you get the right application.
  • Computers and Printers: Check out our recommended systems and make a purchase at HSC Hub.
  • Any equipment that connects to the network: We can vet your proposed purchase to ensure it is secure, matches the university’s IT infrastructure, and meets or exceeds industry standards.

Our IT vendor questionnaire is required for purchases of major IT systems. The vendor will be responsible for completing this form when requested.

Request Support For This Service:

Contact Vikki Massey at vmercer@uthsc.edu or 901.448.8040.

Service Locations: