Testing and Training Labs

Service Description:

There are 3 Testing and Training Labs. GEB B107 has 50 computers and one presenter computer attached to a projector. GEB C109 has 99 computer and no presenter station. Pharmacy 201 has 77 computers, 4 projectors, 4 flat screen monitors, and a presenter station to which you must bring your own device. The machines in each of these rooms are pre-configured to use common software like Microsoft Office, ExamSoft and Respondus Lockdown browser.

Request Service:

A staff or faculty member must schedule use of GEB B107 or GEB C109. The Pharmacy lab must also be scheduled, however, student may use this lab, during business hours, when it is not scheduled for use.

Request for scheduling can be submitted at http://utsched.uthsc.edu/virtualEMS/

Request Support For This Service:

Service Levels:
Testing Labs are available during normal UTHSC business hours.

Maintenance is scheduled around testing/training sessions with the exception of a week to two week period per lab every summer. This time is referred to as the summer refresh in which ITS Staff update hardware and/or software in each testing lab.

Service Requirements:
A NetID is required for login in the testing labs unless a staff or faculty member has made other arrangements with the lab manager.

Service Locations:
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