Web Design Consulting Services

Service Description:

The Web Services group can work with users to help develop a web strategy to enhance and market their areas.

Front-End Development is the division of ITS that is responsible for implementing the UTHSC design into any custom built applications and third-party solutions used on campus.

Some of our applications and tools are:

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript
  • implementing OU Campus templates
  • administration of WordPress sites
  • making sure UTHSC web templates are W3C standard-compliant
Request Service:

Users must request this service by emailing webmaster@uthsc.edu.


For more information, visit Systems Development.

Request Support For This Service:

contact webmaster at webmaster@uthsc.edu

Service Levels:
This service and support are available to UTHSC faculty, staff, and students during normal UTHSC business hours.

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Service Status/Phase: